Personal Branding for YOU

One day my life changed forever, it was the moment I embraced a healthy lifestyle, based on fitness and personal growth, and everything was beautiful. Maybe you are in a similar process, you have already a professional activity and you have a passion for fitness or yoga or therapies, art, etc. You want to really change your lifestyle once and for all, and you see that the road is not as easy as it felt at the beginning, when you did your first course.

You discovered that your passion is also a «market», and that you have to «market yourself», to get more clients and to really see the change you are dreaming for. Maybe you have as everybody else an Instagram account and you have been posting your workouts altogether with your personal life. Nobody teaches you how to use this incredible tool, but you see some results when you put a little effort to it.

Now everybody is doing it, «the sea is full of fish» and maybe you still don’t believe 100% that you are an incredible person that deserves to shine and fulfill all your dreams. You are maybe thinking, «oh yeah I want to do a handstand and have 20.000 followers in instagram, and travel to incredible places to give workshops, but is so much work, I barely have time for sleeping, my job consumes most of my time and my social life went to 0″.

Yes I have been there too, I know exactly how it feels, you want to workout as much as you can, you want to be financially free, and so on, but it looks like a really long and hard road to go through. We want to make a difference, we want to be good professionals, achieve mastery and say to the world, here I am, let me be the one that helps you.

So guess what, this comes with passion, perseverance and a good plan! You already have the passion, but maybe sometimes it goes down, you are perseverant, but not as much as you wish, and probably, because you are very busy, the only plan you’ve got is, just do until something better happens.

Personal Branding is all about discovering «Who you are», and give value to this. So people start remembering you, because of your greatness, your passion and the quality of your work. When you build value over yourself, you realize your own purpose as a professional, this transform into a well of motivation without end. By finding «What you want», you trace up the coordinates on the map, and clarity comes to you spontaneously. After this, all what we need to do is put ourselves to work hard to make our dreams come true and see a real change in our life.

This is your opportunity!

What I offer to you is a 6 steps program to develop your Personal Branding in a cohesive way. Learn how to tell «your story» in a catchy way, increment the reach of your voice and make a professional jump into the next level of your career.

At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.

Lao Tse

Born to Thrive Program